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Sessions vs Classes

Learning what you need to improve your plumbing skills is very important. Understanding that if you are just starting out then some of the individual classes will work well for you. If you are looking to get licensed then sessions are what you need. Four class session is base on sewerman and journeyman. Eight class session is  for a journeyman supervisor or foreman. 

Free Class vs Paid Class

You should do both. The free classes are basic stuff but also you can learn some valuable tips and techniques. Paid subscriptions are the classes you or your employer is paying for. These sessions will improve your personal value and company value right away.

Online class vs In person

Online is more flexible with you schedule then in person. These can be interactive or just webinars with questions to be submitted. In person class are more expensive and require you to travel to the training facility or mobile classroom comes to you. There is more of a variety of classes online and webinars, meetings and coaching sessions. 

Work Shops

Group workshops are very nice because they can be based on many different things or very specific. online or in person are available. 


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