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SewerMan (repairman) vs Journeyman

The difference is huge. The sewerman is a worker that has been on the job for  2000 to 3000 hours  with a master plumber or two years or more on the job.  This is also for waterproofers. Sewer contractors only.

A Journeyman is  4000 to  8000 hours with a master plumber that will sign off. Four years or more on the job. 

This is a professional license in your name and needs to be renewed yearly. This has many responsibilities with it.

NYS Plumbing Code vs International Plumbing Code

The Plumbing code of NYS adopt the International Plumbing Code with amendments. These are very similar as is the uniform code. Knowing what your municipality uses is important because slight difference could create huge problems. Hanger spacing for example IRC is every 5 ft. UPC is every ten. your job will fail inspection. 

The codes are a minimum standard for what the job requires. Many companies have high standards and go above and beyond to be top notch. Understanding what the code is for and how to apply it.  

Unlicensed vs Licensed

This changes from City, town village and county. Some areas have relaxed regulations and some are enforced heavily. Learning what you can legally do and what things you need a license for. Your employer might not follow these rules and take the risk for financial gain. Certain areas require a licensed plumber to be on the job at all times. 

Professional vs Unprofessional

You can tell right away with a company that has professional staff. Safe, clean, organized, profitable and strong value and systems in place. Same way you can tell from their website if it is professional or not. This goes a long way for a company to survive and thrive. If the company is generating revenue then raises, no layoffs, bonuses and better health insurance. 

This can also be on a plumb